Learn the basics of Fly Fishing with our one day school. This class is designed to get you started quickly with sound basics so you may build knowledge and experience on your own. Topics covered during class include:

  • Introduction to Fly Fishing
  • What is Fly Fishing and how is it different than convention spin or bait casting?
  • Complete overview and explanation on the basic fly fishing tackle needed to start.
  • Leaders, Knots and Knot Tying.
  • Rigging to fish Dry, Wet, Nymphs and Streamers.
  • Basic Trout Foods - Entomology: the bugs and how to match them.
  • Reading the Water, tactics to find and approach fish in streams, rivers and ponds.
  • Fly Casting Instruction: forward and back cast, roll cast, mending & shooting line, line control.
  • Fly Fishing etiquette, hooking, landing and releasing fish.

​​The Evening Rise

One Day Fly Fishing School


Fly Fishing and Fly Casting Classes

Schedule: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday or Sunday (by Appointment)

Location: Strasburg Municipal Pond (or other location pre-determined by instructor and student.)

School Fee: $335.00 for one or two students

(School fee includes instruction and use of all equipment..)

To Schedule a One Day School, please contact Nick DelleDonne on the CONTACTS  page or you can purchase a  Fly Fishing School Gift Certificate.